Drugged is the ways of our government
We are drunk on the lies
High on false planes
We get more of lies than we need
The rotten things we pumped into the systems.
Those pills my relief
From the madness
Society’s hypocrisy
The dirty systems
Unjust rulerships
Love and its weaknesses  It’s on the table
My controller
I’m its prisoner
That bottle of red pills
It is wrong i know
but it feels so right
My eyes fail me and shut closely
I lose touch of reality, day or night
School fees, rents I mean the numerous bills to pay
I think this is my overdose.
There’s no coming back now from this far place…there’s no exit from here on out.
It feels like a entire century passed
Overdosed by my final memories
The escorts to my grave
Call me a coward, weak,stupid
At least I’m free now
I can’t say the same for world
I lived once
Lost myself in all sorts of ecstasy
I couldn’t be the HEROIN the story
Sad fantasy
Let me drown in you.

Written by: theonewhowarns

An Ode of Old…

A long time ago, far away in the Nothing kingdom, a man was born.
Into nothing, for nothing.
The only thing he knew was what he saw painted with chalk on the coal walls of the thatch houses he saw.
Foreign they all were because he lacked language, he lacked understanding and history
He saw but couldn’t understand
he couldn’t communicate his feelings, fears and these discoveries
They were paintings? drawings??
he couldn’t tell
They were paintings of his species existence… our forefathers???, mankind and the plans in place to abandon its mother nature for a spot in the clouds, somewhere called the Moon.
Something definitely went wrong in these plans because what I see are web clusters of the past.
Everyone is Dead
Everyone but Dust
None of the sacrifices made were enough because the whole world was gone, desecrated to the ground, no inhabitants, nothing at all existed but him and his desperate desire for re-learning knowledge, for something, anything.
Sadly, Dust that’s all he was..
He was Time’s remainings and a forgotten plot.

Written by: theonewhowarns



Your new lover put asunder
all the feelings you left in your heart for me
The miserable remnants of our love story buried deep beneath that hard wall of obstacles
That wall we built from years of trials and terrors, errors, horrors and senseless labor
And in a case where nine months couldn’t do the trick
The weight of my pain dragged me down like an anchor sunk deep in my throat
Choking up all the air, the little air left in me
Even after a million years
With your lack of love and attention, My heart can still feel your presence from over a mile away
And this life inside me can feel my heart break into a billion pieces.

Being the raging hopeless romantic
I rushed to your wedding scene
The Final Act
With the king’s daughter
The final chapter in my unrequited love story
I got there too late
Fate got there five minutes earlier
Distraught, Destroyed, Desolate
Fill in more adjectives if you can please
I walked down the aisle
My boulevard of misery
I could not bear this pain no more, no
La muerte de mi amor
Instantly, I felt myself dying and my existence slowly slipping away
As my heart at death will cease pain and will only belong to its creator
And if he so wishes
My last breath would awaken another from his slumber.
The air in my lungs trapped in a casket
My knees fail to move
I stand still in complete disbelief.

Written by : theonewhowarns

Tough One

Tough one
hard not to crack
Tough luck
cracks opened and shut doors
Tough heart
Bleeding hard, solid
Tough World
When you feel alone in all shades of dismay
Depression and rejection, disappointed in your reality
Would you give up?

Hell no!
You try even harder because you are
Tough enough to break the ice on the plains
Rough enough to straighten up the folds in one swoon
Wise enough to know nothing lasts forever
This hurt is not eternal

Eventually, this pain too will die
Sweet enough to be grateful for the little bright light
In people, opportunities, friendships, and in love
Hopeful enough to lace hope with faith
Even on the darkest of days when you are too covered up in sadness to know when real happiness knocks
Tough love
Always having to fight against the odds
Failing some and winning some
Fight for the good of humanity
together for a happy ending
I would not lie to you

There will be tough times
Tough times,
Where you’d be alone in thoughts leaning on the window pane.
Tough times will come, maybe more than the good times
Do not weaken your resolve
I repeat, Do not weaken your resolve my friend
For that is your only weapon, that’s your sword.

Written by: theonewhowarns

Where did i ever go wrong?

Where did I ever go wrong?

Where did I go wrong?
I’ve lost a friend
Somewhere along the fray’s song
Losing myself to my sense of selfishness
You see, I did it again
The “Me”, “Myself” and “I” are all I ever focus on
Define Selfish
That’s me and my enormous ego

The selfishness in my actions and inactions caused us to drift forty-foot echoes away.
Too late but I’m still asking
Why couldn’t I show you all the affection, the care you needed to set things right
Looking into those beautiful eyes of yours
Why couldn’t I lie to you?

Tell you all you needed and deserved to hear
Not the stories that hurt
Not those “truths”
About my mistress and the sudden need for our divorce.
Yes, I admit
It all backfired on us
Karma was too early to my party
All went wrong in my fantasy world
As you said, doing everything wrong was my expertise after all.

Now you are gone.

Up there, you would be shocked that I could keep an appointment
The one of your departure
Look Venice, I bought all the flowers I didn’t buy from the start
Like a fool, I’m here crying my eyes out on your grave
None of this is worth it
I’m not worthy of the tears I shed
Neither am I of your love
I never was.

Written by: theonewhowarns